Tin Htay believes strategic business alliances coupled with the right technology and an innovative approach to problem solving will enhance and sustain our competitive advantage.

We are committed to developing:

• Service Partnerships
• Technical Alliances

Tin Htay is currently collaborating with the following organizations:

Dawei Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore
To offer supply boats, marine vessels including work barges and transport barges up to and including floating production storage and offloading facilities (FPSO).

Freight Care, Thailand
To offer reliable heavy transport and logistics equipment including mobilization of drilling rigs and equipment and transport of drilling fluids to support energy exploration, development and environmental projects in the Southeast Asian region. Freight Care has been providing these services to Thailand and Cambodia for the past 20 years.

Asia Envi, Thailand
Provides drilling and environmental waste management services including the removal of toxic drilling waste and by-products, toxic chemicals and also have experience and the ability to manage emergency clean-ups such as crude oil spills and toxic chemical spills.

Energy Quest, Malaysia
A Malaysian oil and gas consultancy service provider, Energy Quest specializes in providing detailed subsurface evaluation up to and including full field development plans. The company employs a full array of seasoned industry professionals covering all aspects of subsurface evaluation, including geology, geophysics, petro-physics and reservoir engineering. Energy Quest specializes in hydrocarbon resource assessments.

If your organisation is interested in discussing opportunities to work with us in a service partner or technical alliance relationship,
please contact our CEO Greg Kyaw-Nyein or

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