As the global demand for minerals continues to rise, Myanmar’s strategic position and rich natural resource base make it well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. Myanmar mining sector has an opportunity to make a more significant contribution to Myanmar’s developing economy.

Myanmar produces some of the highest quality gemstones on earth. In addition to rubies, jade and sapphires, it has significant deposits of precious and base minerals including gold, copper, lead, tin, zinc, silver, tungsten and nickel.

Bringing the industry in line with world class standards will require sustained contributions from the government and private sector.

There is a strong connection within the Tin Htay organisation and the Australian mining industry, which is globally recognized as one of the most advanced and efficient. Tin Htay looks forward to contributing to Myanmar’s mining industry with initiatives to foster greater collaboration with our Australian mining peers.

Myanmar’s mining sector is ready for a new exploration phase, which will require investment, new geo-scientific methodologies and technologies.

Together with our alliance partners, Tin Htay seeks to bring the necessary technical, commercial and operational expertise to the Myanmar mining industry.


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