Health, Safety & Environment

Tin Htay’s first priority will always be the safety of its employees and its operations. The company must always conform to the highest safety standards to ensure that risk is mitigated as much as possible. Our local presence includes a strong commitment to helping promote a strong safety culture which will be foundation of our operations and dealings with our clients.

Our company will always be looking to improve skills & abilities and will allocate resources as required in the areas of education and skills training.

From the company’s inception, one of our key corporate objectives is to set in motion a long term plan to grow Myanmar’s human capital, in both skilled and semi skilled domains with respect to the industries we operate in.

In conjunction with the specialist skills of our team and the efficiency of our equipment, Tin Htay is committed to upholding high industry standards and the effective management of health and safety of our employees and the community.

With our dedication to local content, we aim to ensure that wherever we operate, the community benefits from our presence.

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