Uniquely tailored for participants with an engineering background and/or practical field experience and delivered by expert instructors, this course aims to provide participants with a greater understanding of the complexities of drilling within Myanmar’s tectonically stressed environment and discuss practical solutions to combat drilling problems.

Course Overview

Kyaw Tin Htay International Energy Services Company invites our Myanmar based and overseas colleagues to attend an engaging and highly relevant training course hosted by experienced industry experts. The course is tailored for participants with a drilling and subsurface background and aims to provide participants with a greater understanding of the complexities of drilling within Myanmar’s tectonically stressed environment and discuss practical solutions to combat expected drilling problems.

Course Objectives

The objective of the training course is to enable course participants to identify, analyze, and combat drilling problems of a geo-mechanical and geochemical nature through geo-mechanical modeling, wellbore stability analysis and optimum well design and construction. The course will cover essential drilling topics, including:

  • The fundamentals of geo-mechanics in terms of definitions of stress and strain, elasticity, poro-elasticity,thermo-elasticity, plasticity and rock failure
  • Construction of a field geo-mechanical model through the determination of field stresses, fracture and pore pressure gradients
  • Determination of rock mechanical properties based on geological information, well data, cores, logs and other sources of information.
  • Basics of wellbore stability analysis with emphasis on shale and sandstone formations including mechani-cal and chemical effects
  • Different borehole failure modes including time dependent stability
  • Drilling into heterogeneous formations and depleted zones
  • Analysis of Critical Well Design parameters
  • Practical solutions to combat drilling problems – what works and what doesn’t work. Participants are en-couraged to share relevant Myanmar case studies based on their own local experience
  • Wellbore stability analysis and different wellbore instability mechanisms potentially leading to mud losses,stuck-pipe and kicks. A practical session that will be presented in an interactive group workshop format.
  • Continue the workshop covering optimum well design in terms of mud-weight, mud type, well path, casing program and open hole time.


Who Should Attend

The course will be tailored for persons with a technical background in Geology and Drilling / Well Design. Sub Surface, Drilling & Well Planning professionals are encouraged to attend.

Dr. Johan Tronvoll – Instructor

Johan has had a broad 30 year career that includes R&D, Consulting & Training in the domains of Drilling, Completions and Sand Management. Johan is a leading expert in Petroleum Geomechanics and holds a MSc in Petroleum engineering and a PhD in Rock Mechanics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. Johan has published many technical papers in international journals or at conferences and has contributed in many global workshops and forums.

Mr. Bob Hill – Instructor

Bob has over 30 years experience as a well engineering professional working for Shell and other E&P com-panies. He has worked in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore in both technical and managerial positions. . He strongly advocates staff development and practical competence training. Bob has co-authored a number of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) papers and is co-creator of a patented wellhead sealing system for dual tubing hangers.

Fees and Charges

Geo-mechanics for Well Design & Construction

Single Rate

Company Rate

(Minimum  3 persons)

Includes 3 days of Professional training, course material handouts,



buffet lunch, coffee breaks etc





Payment can be made in US Dollars by bank transfer to the following account in Myanmar.

Kyaw Tin Htay International Energy Services
Tun Foundation Bank, 230 Corner of
Bomyattun Road & Mahabandoola Road
Botahtaung Township, Yangon , Myanmar
USD Account 47-01-00038

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